Empowering Small Businesses

Rincon Controller and Tax Services, Inc. is a modern bookkeeping firm in Carpinteria, California which offers a holistic, future-focused suite of bookkeeping and consultation services.

From bookkeeping and controller services to tax and valuation through to business consulting, our team can help you stay on top of your finances and run your business better.

At Rincon Controller and Tax Services, our mission is simple: to empower small business owners to achieve their financial goals as quickly as possible.

Who We Work With

While Rincon Controller and Tax Services have been privileged to work with a wide range of clients, we prefer working with small business owners in California who want to ease their bookkeeping and tax burden, as well as improve their business operations and performance. We also love working with new businesses that are growing rapidly– we come in and make everything much less overwhelming and more manageable.

Currently, we have a steady clientele of small businesses, including local mom and pops businesses and solopreneurs from various industries.

Why Choose Us

ElizabethHeaded by Elizabeth James, who grew up in family businesses and a graduate of USC’s School of Business, Rincon Controller and Tax Services is known for its in-depth understanding of small businesses and their owners.
We make the business guidance and tax services that larger companies enjoy more accessible to small businesses by delivering our expert solutions tailored specifically to their unique needs. As a modern bookkeeping firm, we have always been 100% cloud-based and are comfortable with using other innovative business apps that we can integrate to make your processes more efficient.

However, beyond our industry expertise and technological capabilities, it is the way we do business that makes us stand out. We forge strong and lasting partnerships by taking the time to identify each client’s specific needs and then deliver proactive, personalised services, and advice.

And the best part? We offer long-term value at reasonable, flat rates– ensuring that you get more for bang for your buck.

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